Canceling cable: A soccer/football fan’s perspective

I knew this day would come.   My family has finally made the decision to call it quits on Comcast and cancel the ENTIRE cable TV package.  I would find it hilarious if it wasn’t so painful for them to pull the plug.  Let me explain.

We are heavy watchers of soccer, or football for you non-muricans.  Anything from Premier League, to cheesy Latin friendlies, to the MLS, we will watch.  But the main focus of our sports-watching activities has always been Spanish football–we are huge La Liga fans.  Ronaldo, Messi, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and everything in between–we spent many early mornings watching live La Liga games.

Is there life after cable for soccer fans?  Yes!  Besides the HD antenna, which gets excellent reception at our house, there are so many options to watch “futbol” on the Internet today that I don’t think we will miss Comcast (or the cable bill).  From streaming to play-by-play to feature and news sites, La Liga is very well covered online.  We will have to wait a month before I can report how we’re doing.  But at least we can save the $200 a month and buy a few MLS tickets or something.