Lisk raises $7 million in the initial offering

Lisk, a smart contracts blockchain platform with a built-in cryptocurrency concluded its month-long initial offering with a bang on Monday morning with over $7 million raised in funds from individual and institutional investors. That makes Lisk the second most successful crowdfunding campaign ever for a cryptocurrency, and the

The Upper Peninsula of Minnesota

During a Christmas vacation binge of How I Met Your Mother (we’re already on Season 6), I couldn’t help but get distracted by Marshall’s story in the Desperation Day episode about his family spending time in the Upper Peninsula when he was a kid.  Something didn’t sit right with me as soon as I heard that story.  It’s a known […]

In defense of the Wii U

Can the Wii U survive?  Pretty common question these days if you frequent gaming message boards.  Sometimes this question is asked by trolls, but often genuine Nintendo fans also can’t help but wonder just what the heck the folks in Kiyoto think they’re doing. Wii U hasn’t sold well.  At all.  Its game library is […]

The iPhone 6 hype machine begins

Some kid in my online Photoshop class made a mockup of the iPhone 6 and uploaded it by “accident” for group review instead of the assignment.  He was obviously trolling, and normally this wouldn’t be something to post on Ajax World, but it was actually a pretty good mock-up and, most importantly, and indicator of […]