SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition receives 700 applications in one week

Transportation doesn’t usually get people super excited or cause uncontrollable media storms, that is unless that transportation is based on a crazy white paper written by Elon Musk. Only a week ago SpaceX announced a pod competition (no, not a pod race, but thanks for the Jar Jar image, NBC) that would take place in 2016 on a test track soon to be built by Musk and co.

Well, yesterday SpaceX teased the press with a Vine showing some neat CG of what seems to be Hyperloop, except it’s so fast you can’t really see it, along with the announcement that 700 people have signed up for the Hyperloop pod competition. I imagine Hyperloop Forums will see an upsurge in activity now, with participants and spectators alike sharing their vision for the next big thing in public transportation. The deadline for submissions is still almost three months away, so chances are we will see more entrants in July and August, and possibly some consolidation after the deadline passes in September. Summer 2016 is promising to be very exciting.