Bitcoin this, Bitcoin that

If I could have an old-fashioned American nickel for every time I heard the word “Bitcoin” in the past month, I could probably buy, well, a Bitcoin.  That’s right, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2013, and while the boat was rocked a few times, most recently when China said it would “ban” Bitcoin (lol), it’s continuing to hover just under $900, which is pure insanity, given that a kid from my middle school hacking club was trying to convince me to join him in mining Bitcoins 3  years ago.

You realize where I would be if I had followed his lead, right?   That’s right, not writing posts on Ajax World, but maybe enjoying a jacuzzi Continue reading Bitcoin this, Bitcoin that

In defense of the Wii U

Can the Wii U survive?  Pretty common question these days if you frequent gaming message boards.  Sometimes this question is asked by trolls, but often genuine Nintendo fans also can’t help but wonder just what the heck the folks in Kiyoto think they’re doing.

Wii U hasn’t sold well.  At all.  Its game library is lacking.  And the PS4 and Xbox One are out and attacking at full speed, both having already broken several retail records.  What should Nintendo do?

Nintendo fans have never been shy about thinking they can all be CEOs of Nintendo and lead it to guaranteed success that will annihilate Sony and Microsoft within a month.  One guy on Nintendo Forums went into a tirade  about how just about everything with Wii U is wrong and it’s doomed to fail.  But I really don’t think so.

There is one thing that matters with Nintendo systems. Continue reading In defense of the Wii U

Cancelling cable: A soccer/football fan’s perspective

I knew this day would come.   My family has finally made the decision to call it quits on Comcast and cancel the ENTIRE cable TV package.  I would find it hilarious if it wasn’t so painful for them to pull the plug.  Let me explain.

We are heavy watchers of soccer, or football for you non-muricans.  Anything from Premier League, to cheesy Latin friendlies, to the MLS, we will watch.  But the main focus of our sports-watching activities has always been Spanish football–we are huge La Liga fans.  Ronaldo, Messi, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and everything in between–we spent many early mornings watching live La Liga games.

Is there life after cable for soccer fans?   Continue reading Cancelling cable: A soccer/football fan’s perspective

The iPhone 6 hype machine begins

Some kid in my online Photoshop class made a mockup of the iPhone 6 and uploaded it by “accident” for group review instead of the assignment.  He was obviously trolling, and normally this wouldn’t be something to post on Ajax World, but it was actually a pretty good mock-up and, most importantly, and indicator of how early the hype for Apple products begins prior to their release.  We have a whole 10 months to go before the iPhone 6 event (presuming it will happen in October), and people are already Continue reading The iPhone 6 hype machine begins